Rouge Essential 

I never thought to get a red bag until it was given to me as a gift. Now I’d put a red bag somewhere at the top of my wardrobe essentials list. I wear a lot of neutrals and red is the type of…

February 15, 2018

My Favorite Foundations 

Left to Right (Not in order of most favorite to least favorite. That would be too hard because I have a lot of equal favorites.)  1. L’Oréal Infalliable Pro-Matte shade 108: it’s great in the summer for me because my skin is more dry…

February 6, 2018

Travel: My Paris Itinerary + General Tips

While I was away a few of you messaged me saying you have also booked a trip to Paris! I hope this post is helpful and answers any questions you may have. I loved Paris, and I would definitely go back again (but only…

January 22, 2018
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